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The ACME cupping bowl is proportioned for a generous cupping session with friends, and falls within the SCAA guidelines.

Colour coding on the bottom removes the need to scribble numbers on the base with a marker pen.

Stackable for easy storage in your cramped little nerd den.

Also a great option for serving lattes and filter coffee.

Saucers are sold separately.

Matches: ACME 145mm saucer

Outside diameter: 90mm
Height: 80mm
Pack quantity: 24 pcs / Carton, 6 pcs / Inner
Carton Weight: 6.9 kg
Carton Dimensions: 40.5 x 30.5 x 20 cm
Colour: Each inner contains 6 white bowls with coloured bases, 2x green, 2x blue, 2x grey


Type: Cups

SKU: ACX-150

Quantity Available: units